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Conor Walton, IRL 

f. 1970 

1993     BA (Joint Honours Degree in the History of Art and Fine Art), NCAD, Dublin

1995     MA in Art History and Theory, University of Essex, UK (awarded with dinstinction)
1995-6 Studies of painting and old-master techniques in Florence , Italy, with Charles Cecil


Represented in a number of private and public collections e.g.:

European Museum of Modern Art, Barcelona, Spain. The National Self-Portrait Collection,

University of Limerick. The National Library of Ireland. Trinity College Dublin. University College

Dublin. Saint Patricks College, Cavan. An Post. ESB, Ireland and many more.


Conor's commissioned portraits can be found in many private and public collections, and his

works have featured on book covers and stamps in Ireland and abroad. 

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